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Microprocessor units - battery, low power
Low-powered designs using 8- and 16-bit MPUs.  Highly efficient designs -  long battery life, many communications options, high accuracy.

Data logging - vibration, power, pulse, temperature, humidity
Products for clients in the power monitoring, pulse logging and vibration logging fields to give our clients a competitive edge - both in cost and performance.

Communication - RS232, USB, TCP/IP, GPRS, Bluetooth, Modbus
Using a selection of industry interface standards, we design solutions for handling data over a variety of interfaces.

Network data transfer and control - Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485
We have experience of using a variety of protocols to transfer data from logging devices into networks.

PC software and Android Apps
Interface software to control and monitor logging equipment. Software to process, display and export data in any format.

Design expertise
We have highlighted some of our areas of expertise but we can apply our design skills to many fields and product areas.
Our web site may appear to be full of jargon but we will do our best to demystify the technologies and explain how we can use electronic solutions to meet your needs.

We can take your idea or project and take it from concept to production
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